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I am pretty sure a lot of you can relate to the schedule above. A busy lifestyle in today’s era is inevitable, making taking care of oneself even worse for the ones who stay away from home. From not getting adequate sleep to work place and everyday life stress to insufficient water intake to bad food habits to the innumerable chemicals we use on ourselves – our lives are pretty hectic and messed up. The signs slowly start to show first on our skin that goes from fab to blah! Then ofcourse our body starts acting weird by losing or gaining weight and de-shaping up, multiple illnesses start springing up, we become lethargic and lazy while our lungs get tired even after climbing one short flight of stairs – well, there are so many things about us that starts withering.

Well, needless to say its our hair that really starts taking the worst hit with problems like dandruff, hairfall and split ends. Like, can you imagine yourself with thin, wispy hair only enough to have a strand of hair framing your face? I bet none of us would ever want to look like a wet chicken at all! So what do we do to save ourselves the pain? Chop it off?

Nah! I don’t think its wise. I mean, long luscious hair, as impossible as it may sound, is not all that unattainable. When I first came to Mumbai, I started having some severe hairfall, dandruff and split ends so much so that I convinced myself that chopping off my wavy golden brown locks was the best bet for me. I went in for shoulder length hair, thought my hairfall has lessened and split ends gone and with regular use of some medicated anti-dandruff shampoo even my dandruff seemed less visible, but it all gave rise to one big problem – severely damaged hair. I was then very frustrated and wanted a single solution for all my problems. It was then that my supermom came to my rescue (as always) and finally convinced me about the perks of using the age old coconut oil. And there was my first brush with Dabur Vatika Coconut hair oil.

Its been quite sometime now I have been using Dabur Vatika Coconut hair oil and well, the results are clearly visible.

dabur vatika - yellow dress

Dabur Vatika Coconut hair oil has visibly induced a healthy shine in my hair while keeping it free from breakage, split ends and dandruff. I’d suggest using it atleast once a week, letting the oil do its magic overnight, following it up with turban therapy in the morning and finally rinsing it off during your shower! So go ahead, get yourself a bottle of Dabur Vatika Coconut hair oil and say hello to gorgeous hair!

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