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Seasons may come and go, fashion may take a U-turn, but your office and its stringent corporate clothing rules may never change. Fresh out of college and confused about the conservative dress code? Let us help you with a few tips to handle that PMS like environment.

Business Suit

Always full points on well fitted business suits for the power women! If you do not belong to a fashion house, keep your normcore hidden.

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Plain or striped tops worn with either solid colour/pin-striped formal trousers or skirts. 

Yes, you do not have the liberty to try bold florals or punk gingham in your stipulated office hours! The only print on print that you can experiment with – stripes on stripes. Pin-stripes to be specific.

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Indian Suits with subtle colours 

You wouldn’t want to look like you walked straight out of a saas-bahu serial set right? Keep drama out of (atleast) your work life we suggest!

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Formal ballet shoes or kitten heels. 

If you are one that likes grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, go ahead! Make some screechy noises and have fun seeing those troubled faces. No guarantee for your job though.

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Nails should be trimmed and clean.

We all have that one colleague whose face we would just love to scratch away. But hold you intolerance and keep calm, let someone else do the job for you and save you some chipped nails.


Wear limited accessories that are simple and decent.

No matter how much you love your adornments, too much of it clanking around your neck may make you sound like a lost cow.


Well, now you have the basics right. But incase you want to go a little overboard, may be you want to check out how to choose dresses for work, this blazer look, a skirted look or even how to rock red lips at work!

Love N Luck