Hi Guys!

Its been quite sometime now that we have been away from ‘the blog’. We have been a little confused and a little busy working on GlamShutter Studio’s clients. Better late than never, we are back again!

Its been 6 months I passed out of college and ever since I have been confused about what exactly I want to do with my life. There are no more lectures to attend, no more classes to bunk, no more fixed schedules. I am sure all of us go through this phase in life. But isn’t there something exciting about this feeling? A sense of freedom that now you can do what you really want to! (and being confused comes free with it 🙂 )

So, is it cool to be confused? Especially with thoughts related to what you want to do with your life?

Yesterday I overheard a conversation between two middle-aged people on how everyone wants to start their own companies today. No one wants to work under someone else. No, they were not talking about it in good sense, it was rather a mock.

But isn’t it awesome that people want to co-create today and not work under someone else and do as they say? And when they want to co-create, confusion is an integral part of the process. Confusion prevails only when people think. So if you are confused, don’t give up on it. It is totally cool to be confused. It is like a block in your brain. Go ahead and do what you love and every confusion shall go away when things will fall in place.


This is exactly why we have been away for such a long time. We were confused (and may be still are!). Nevertheless, we are back now with more power and wisdom to share some great stuff with you guys. Hope we confuse you!! 😀

Love N Luck