There are a number of emotions that a human holds inside him and every emotion has different reactions. One such emotion is – Anger. There are different levels of Anger and every human being has a different intensity of it.

Anger is always put on the negative side of the emotional spectrum, but is it? When used in the right direction, it can transform and bring greatest revolutions around.

Look at our freedom fighters or just look at the achievements we have in our list. Don’t you think it is because of the push within oneself, don’t you think it is because of the anger one hold towards certain things which urges one to propel the change?

Anger’s intensity changes with person to person. If a person holds his Anger for –

  • 40 years, it may cause various diseases even fatal ones like cancer.
  • 40 months, may lead to diabetes or high blood pressure issues or even insomnia.
  • 40 weeks it may cause small incidents, falls or accidents.
  • 40 days, one can face severe acidity or indigestion issues.
  • 40 hours, one can develop discomforts
  • 40 mins, probabilities to transfer anger into something positive and creative. The energy can convert into something good.

“Try to move your ratio of Anger from years to seconds, it is hard, but not impossible. Anger is a Habit, easy to overcome”

Anger is not bad or wrong or something which you should be afraid of. In fact, it is a potent energy which we need to understand and use it for our own transformation. It is an emotion which can bring about huge revolution in a positive development. It is up to each individual whether he uses it for personal benefit or for others, for example- Mahatma Gandhi used his anger against British rule to fight for the freedom India with non violence.

John Borg is one of the finest tennis player world has ever seen. During one of his matches, he lost the game and got extremely angry. The aftermath was such that he turned to violence. Looking at the situation his father stepped in and  it took almost 6 months for him to help bring John out of his state of anger. Once he was back on the court, the rest is history.

“Like every other emotion Anger plays a crucial role in one’s life, have patience and one will see the result worth the wait”

Constructively respond to your Anger, give it a road ahead and achieve something out of it. It is a great energy that the universe has gifted us.

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