Happenstance Review

Let’s talk about foot care.

What is it that you do for your feet? A warm water + salt soak? Maybe a pedicure a month? Or a massage? 

Not many of us pay attention to the footwear we use until we start facing problems like heel pain and the kind. I am guilty of buying shoes off the rack that look good to me, overlooking the comfort part of it. Of course, I stop using it after a few uses when I start to feel discomfort. Lately, I have been investing in less but comfortable footwear that does not cause my foot to hurt or feel tired. 

I came across Happenstance on the explore page of my Instagram. It was a video of Radhika Apte dancing. I looked for the brand and found their website. They have a limited but comfortable and affordable range of options.I took 2 picks – one that I would wear outside and one for the home. 

I am a huge fan of slip-ons, and therefore there was no question I would not pick the Margo. Though meant for indoors, I usually wear this for regular outings like grocery shopping or going to the gym. My feet hurt the most when I am shopping in a mall or supermarket and this comes in really handy for times like those. I love how bend-y and stretchy the Margo is, super comfortable! Especially after a good workout, getting into these are therapeutic!

The other one I chose was Zoe – bewitching black. I love the style of it. For me, comfort is ultimate and this particular product has toe support which makes walking on Bangalore roads so much easier. I pair it with my Indian outfits as well as denim and dresses, that’s how versatile it is! Not to forget the comfort it provides me with.

Comfortable footwear by Happenstance - Review

Another thing which I really like about Happenstance is their price point. They are all between 999/- and 1299/-, and for the quality they offer, it’s a steal! 

My quick and short Happenstance review would be  – I love the arch of the designs and the deep heel cups since that really takes away the pressure off my heels and contours my feet like it should. The footwear is super comfortable and I do not come home with a sore foot anymore (this is after 2 weeks of using it for all my meetings and other errands.) For the price, I would definitely recommend these shoes (lightweight, foldable and cushiony feeling) for your everyday use!