Clean and Clear facewash review

Clean and Clear skin is everyone’s dream. A dream that, for a lot of us, is nearly impossible to achieve. I was luckily born with great skin, but my lifestyle, the pollution and work stress has made my skin no less than how organic paper feels (no kidding!) While its dry and patchy somewhere, its oily and greasy elsewhere.

Off late, the temperature in Mumbai has been dipping. I had some hopes that this change will bring some change into my skin too, considering I have very oily skin in general. However, that isn’t the case. Not only have my blackheads increased, there seems to be new pimples popping out every other morning. I have been doing a lot of detox to keep my system clean, but what steps to take for a complete skin care? It’s not always your digestive system that results in breakouts, it can be the health of your skin. While a lot of internal factors are responsible for a bad skin, there are a lot of external factors responsible for it too! Sweat clogging pores, pollution drying out skin, extreme exfoliation leading to irritated skin, not removing make-up at the end of the day breeding bacteria, using cheap and chemical based products stripping the skin of its natural moisture, not using enough sunscreen everyday, and most importantly, not keeping the skin clean. It is believed that for a healthy skin, you should wash your face atleast three times a day. Guess what’s the most challenging part in doing so? Using the correct product!

I have been using Clean and Clear facewash since they hit the shelves. Remember the brownish tinted facewash coming in rounded cap bottles?

clean n clear facewash review

Lately, I came across their huge range of products and chose to try out the pimple clearing facewash and the blackhead clearing daily scrub. Its been a week since I am using this and I already see a difference. My skin feels smoother, looks more radiant and the zits seem to be reducing in size as well as frequency. I am most happy with my blackheads being reduced without having to take the pain of going for a messy clean up! The granules of the Clean and Clear blackhead clearing daily scrub are mild, but still does the work of removing dead skin and blackheads without irritating the skin (I use it every night before bed).

Clean and Clear Facewash Review

There is no better feeling than touching your face and wanting to keep caressing your own skin because it feels so smooth. Clean and Clear facewash does make that come true!

Clean and Clear facewash review

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