I came to Mumbai about three years back with just two suitcases full of clothes, shoes and bare necessities. Little did I know then that I would extend my stay here way beyond my education. Now when I look around, its almost like I have everything necessary for a decent life in Mumbai.
Its every girl’s story isn’t it? Mumbai has so much to offer, from high-street brands to road side stalls selling some of the most beautiful clothes, jewellery and shoes. Infact, I am wrong if I say its every girl’s story since I have also seen so many men flocking to get their hands on the best of both worlds.
I have always been a fashion enthusiast, but when I was a student in Bangalore, my pocket money, after the month’s expenses, did not leave me with much to buy. But Mumbai chapter seems to have a different story. Things were cheap and just so fashionable that I couldn’t resist myself from buying a few pairs on every trip to Bandra or Colaba (which happened atleast once every week) and before I could tell, I had shoes and clothes overflowing my wardrobe, suitcases and bed storage box! When I shifted, I used bedsheets to carry my stuff in as I just could not leave behind any of them. Now, it has come to a point where I don’t know where to keep my new stuff because I already have so much that I don’t want to give away. I needed a serious storage solution.
boxmyspace mumbai
I came across BoxMySpace (or you can even say they came across me), that provides exactly the kind of service I need in my life. They provide storage solutions for you for the things you do not use but do not want to part with either. I called for a large size storage box and dumped in all my winter clothes (ofcourse with naphthalene balls so as to keep any odour away), a few of my heels since I don’t wear them as much, some utensils that I don’t know how and when piled up and my luggages that have been lying under my bed covered in dust. My life seems so much sorted now – I can clearly see all the footwear in my shoe-rack, I can tuck in my bed-sheet under the mattress without the worry of anyone seeing the pile underneath and ofcourse, its so much easier for me to find what I am looking for!
before-after-boxmyspace mumbai
A pile of bags that I don’t use much was also one of the messy spots!
And No! It doesn’t cost a fortune, or anything near it.
box my space mumbai
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