A lady was asked to get down from a rickshaw stating she was too FAT!

ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING! You might say this right now, but it actually happened. Body shaming is widespread in India and people are daring to speak up against it now. This incident adds to the one which happened last week, where bollywood actress Zareen Khan voiced her thoughts and shunned body shamers.

As reported by Mumbai Mirror, Asmi Shah was out on her way to work when this shameful incident happened. Here’s what she faced,

“He started the auto and after we had traveled a few meters, he asked me to sit in the middle of the seat instead of the corner. I obliged. Since I had to pick up my mother on the way, I asked him to stop at a point. He then asked me if the person who I was picking up was as fat as me. I was shocked and told him not to be so rude and mind his language. He then told me that “main mote logon ko apne auto mein nahi bithata (I don’t let fat people sit in my auto) I was stunned by his behaviour.”

She immediately took to twitter and complained about the incident to the Mumbai police. As reported by the daily, no firm action has been taken against the rickshaw driver yet.


There sure is no law to protect men/women from being insulted based on their bodies but what needs to change is the mentality, the perception towards plus sized. As we always say, all that it takes is a voice to shun body shamers. Asmi spoke out loud and so should everyone else who fall into such situations. The more vocal we are, the stronger we get 🙂

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UPDATE – 16/04/2016

As reported in the daily, the permit of the rickshaw driver has been suspended by the Mumbai transport department under Sec 53/1D of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. That’s a great news! Isn’t it? Good to see that legal action has been taken in such a case.