Last week was body positivity week, and while the internet was abuzz with all kinds of way to celebrate the era of bodyposi, I was thinking of all those little things I want to do with myself on myself that would truly make my life one helluva journey!

Basically, the body positive rituals I would totally go for:

Let my eyebrows take its own shape and sizeBody-positive-rituals-kajol-unibrow

Because, accept it, getting the eyebrows threaded hurts like hell! And the fact that constant plucking of the soft eye area can very well lead to premature sagging of the eyelids. (Oh yea that happens!)

Live in the glory of your bodyhairBody Positive Rituals-body-hair

Firstly, I only get my underarms waxed and legs epilated that too once in a while. (Keep those eewws to yourself). I hate getting waxed or epilated because of the mess it creates and again, I am not too keen in letting my body go through unnecessary pain.

Chop it off, scrunch it up and splash it wildBody Positive Rituals-hair-pamper

Get a mohawk or grow it as long as rapunzel’s, get a sandart or a single global colour. Do what you always wanted to do with your hair, even if that means you want to go bald!

Steam it up and let it glowBody-positive-rituals-body-spa

I meant the skin. This is in my bucket list because I have never gotten a massage yet, neither did I get a sauna! (yea I know right?). But I know how fresh my face feels once I get a steam done, follow it up with a scrub and then a cool toner to finish it off with. Imagine feeling that freshness all over your body…

Check-in to a luxury hotel and have breakfast in bedBody-positive-rituals-breakfast-in-bed-

I know it may blow up a portion of your savings but what if you die tomorrow and never got to have a divine breakfast-in-bed in a luxury suite overlooking a majestic city? Hurry up!

Wear the loudest, weirdest, craziest clothes ever!Body-positive-rituals-miley-cyrus-colorful clothes

Its your body, its your personality, its your money and its your clothes. If your mirror approves, walk out like a boss and slay.

Give my tigress stripes the attention it deservesBody positive rituals-stretch-marks

Its my tigress stripes for heaven’s sake. I don’t need to explain why I would do that! Stretch marks are proof that we are all survivors, and that we have tried, and that our bodies have been through a lot more that it thought it would.

Get that tattoo you have been meaning to for a long timeBody-positive-rituals-tattoo

I have heard many say no to tattooing the initials of a lover because, “Hey what if you break up?”. Well, I’d say, live for the present. And if you break up, you can recall the good times looking at that etched memory. And if your times with your ex was trashy, then it will remind you exactly what kind of a*****e to not hook up with again ever. Win-Win in any situation!

I asked a few friends too of what have they been wanting to do for quite sometime with their bodies and here are some more tips:

Get crazy hair-artBody-positive-rituals-hair-art

Be it the head, the beard, or any other part with hair, you know?

Be stranded on an island and walk around nudeBody-positive-rituals-nude-virgin-beach-stranded

Basically, live like a caveman, make friends with the animals, eat stuff fresh off nature and test your body and its survival instincts. Pretty cool I’d say.

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