Can you imagine, it’s been 2 years? Damn! time flies.

We started blogging around 2 years back without thinking much about what the future holds. But a lot of people we met along the way told us -“just be persistent and stay true to your thoughts, that will help you grow a genuine readership”. That was the #SachchiAdvice we got in our initial days which kept us going.

Today, we have grown multiple folds. The blog has come into being a full-fledged content powerhouse. Needless to say, off late we have also been getting many reader requests and questions from newbie bloggers on how we manage our blog.

Blogging is a profession which is catching up and like any other field, there is no shortcut to be on top of this game and therefore, here are a few blogging tips for beginners.


  • Invest time & effort to create/write original content
  • Your readers are your friends. Be more conversational than preachy.
  • Tracking performance of your blog is very important. Install applications which gives you insights on your content. Check your most popular stories & write more on similar lines.
  • Images count, but it’s the words that amplify your SEO rank
  • Be consistent. Be clear on what you want to portray. It’s of key importance
  • Keep room for expansion while not dissolving your genuineness and exclusivity. Try different topics/genres keeping one as priority,
  • Lastly, be passionate about it rather than doing it just because “it’s cool”

Talking of fruitful advice, when we recently came across this heart-touching video of an elder brother giving some #SachiAdvice on the matters of life, we couldn’t help but share it and spread the word as you never know your Sachchi Advice can change anyone’s life.

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Now, I am sure you too would have had your own share of life changing experiences due to some much needed #SachchiAdvice at some point in life, so why not share your story with me just like I did ours with you?

Love N Luck