I can bet a lot of you already know about this new exercising technique – Sexercise! The name says it all but yea, Bangfit by PornHub is something that says it can get you fit like F***! Its a mix of zumba, crossfit and yoga while also giving you and your partner a perfect reason to watch porn. Now isn’t it the dream of many to be healthy while having oodles of fun?

Before you even think about it, no I am NOT promoting Bangfit by PornHub! It caught my attentin and I found it a really quirky and fun way to promote health while also promoting the website. I mean, its gonna be so much easier to watch healthy porn now, that too with your partner by your side while you both get fit in the most exhilarating way possible right? No need of sneaky office breaks or losing sleep or always having to be on ‘high alert’ of being caught watching porn.
Bangfit by PornHub

Oh, and all you plus size folks, shut the haters who say “You need to exercise else how would you ‘do it’?” And next time someone asks you to lose some weight by “exercising”, you know what to tell them, right? 😉