plus size wardrobe essentials

Frankly, its not much different than the regular “wardrobe essentials” lists that you will find in numerous websites online. But for a plus size women like me, who has pretty fluctuating body measurements, a little variation from the regular is what keeps me ready for any random occasion.

Basic solid coloured tunic with 3/4th length arms

Tunics are one of my favourite pieces of clothing for you can style it in numerous ways and it never fails you! Tuck it in (or out) and wear with a maxi skirt, wear it over leggings or even pair it with knee length shorts, you can never go out of options to style one.

plus size tunic - Wardrobe essentials

Cotton straight-fit pyjamas, trousers, lounge pants or palazzos

The climate condition in India does not leave you with the option of wearing non-airy materials, especially for a plus size whose sweat glands tend to be a little more active than the normal, atleast mine is. Cotton trousers lets your skin breathe and is an easy piece of clothing to style. Pair it with a tunic, a shirt, a loose crop top or even a long kurti.

plus size pants - Wardrobe essentials

Maxi dresses

These are my absolute favourites! Its a no-nonsense outfit that you can just pull out of you wardrobe and throw on. A big tote bag, a scarf and your sunnies and you are as good as Serene Van Der Woodsen! Alternatively, you can also style it differently by throwing on a blazer or cape or wearing a loose top with it while your dress acts like a skirt.

plus size maxi dress - Wardrobe essentials width=

Capes, cardigans and shrugs

A cape or a shrug can up you fashion game in a jiffy! Throw it over any of your everyday outfits and the whole look changes – from boring to chic! They also help giving an illusion of a trimmed waist and hips which we sometimes desire (don’t deny it).

plus size blazers jackets - Wardrobe essentials width=

Long straight-fit kurtis

I have just one of these and I am planning to get more. For your everyday needs, these are your best bets while also being extremely stylish. Wear them with straight cut pyjamas, long skirts or simple leggings. Long kurtis are comfortable and easily available across all ethnic stores as well as thrift stores.

plus size kurta - Wardrobe essentials width=

Cute short dresses

Trust me on this, one thing most of us plus size women are blessed with is cuteness. 😀 So go ahead and flaunt ur cute self in short skater dresses or A-line dresses with interesting prints. Also, shirt dresses are a good option for those semi-casual days; they can also be worn with leggings! But anyways, who says only slender legs are worth showing off?

plus size short dresses - Wardrobe essentials width=


Maxis, midis, skaters, pencil, mini – any and all of it! There is atleast one skirt style that suits every body shape. For me, who is an apple shape on the shorter side, maxis and minis are the best! Own a sartorial piece of each and you wont ever have to say “I have nothing to wear!”

plus size skirts - Wardrobe essentials width=

Besides these, you can have any number of interesting pieces or even staples like denims and tees (I love my skinny jeans and casual tees). This list is just to keep you prepared to look effortlessly stylish and like a million bucks even when you dress up at the very last moment! Ahm, well, its ok you don’t need to thank me 😀

Love N Luck