Everybody in this world knows whats an LBD! “The Little Black Dress”

According to fashion historians, the origins of this classic dates back to 1920s designs of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. Almost a 100 years, but the LBD remains to be a classic wardrobe must-have throughout, regardless of season, occasion, country, fashion phase, etc. The patterns and textures and shapes and drapes may be many but the basic concept remains the same.fin look

The Little Black Dress, owing to its long lasting ability, versatility, affordability, accessibly and the neutral colour, is indeed the safest bet for just any women in the world!! You can take it from day wear to evening wear depending on the way you style it. I found my perfect LBD at the Forever 21 stores. Its the perfect length, fits snugly, the lace detail gives it that feminine touch while the “A” hemline makes it so cute! My accessories include a cross ring-bracelet and my cross ear cuffs, both from Forever 21. Now here’s the exciting part – this complete outfit is worth just INR 2000! Amazing isn’t it?

You too can own a complete outfit worth INR 2000/- by entering the giveaway below sponsored by Forever21.


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Love N Luck

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