It’s mid-2018.
When I started blogging, my major struggle was finding clothes that flattered me. Fit wasn’t an issue, there were ample big-sized, stitched pieces of shapeless garments that would fit. Kurtis were aplenty and so were tunics, big shapeless shirts, basic tees, and jeans that were priced premium but looked flea-side. What I really wanted were clothes that were fashionable and flattered a big body well.
Being an apple body shape comes with its own challenges. A thin waist line with pronounced hips is not something I (and other apple bodied women) are blessed with. A heavy mid-area with sturdy legs, apple bodies are not “curvy” per say. Hence, finding clothes that really flatter the shape aren’t many. A- line dresses are preferred over empire line, mid-waist jeans over high or low waist, ankle length bottoms over cropped ones, V-necks over turtle necks, etc. While it is up to an individual to choose and wear a silhouette or fit they prefer, finding something tasteful has always remained a challenge.
Nubella went live a year back. Completely focusing on the plus size section, Nubella’s bright and happy collection caught my eye for the very first time. However, I was skeptical in buying any clothes from them as I wasn’t sure of the material and the sizing fit. This spring season however, I gave in and got myself some spring-time outfits.

The measurements are perfect. The colours and prints are absolutely in trend, and the quality of material is something I haven’t come across in a very long time. Yes, the pricing is on the higher side but the quality, the styles and the variety does make up for it.