I do not remember the last time I put up an outfit post. Do you? Phew! Life I tell you. These past few months went by so fast that it just didn’t leave space for me to play dress up! But anyways, better late than never, though, never late is better 😉

This post has been sitting and waiting in my drafts for over a month now. It was on a cloudy, cold yet humid day that I went for brunch to meet a friend after almost 8 years! Now, we are always looking for excuses to dress up and I certainly wouldn’t leave this occasion. So out came my favourite black maxi, my denim sleeveless jacket and my yellow skull clutch.

quick brunch look

Now that, just that, is a very plain and simple outfit. It needed that extra punch to make it a lil more stand-out. So I take out my floral blue scarf and wear it as a hairband. Part of the reason I used it as a hairband was because my hair was limp and oily and I did not have much time for a quick wash. So I used a quick DIY dry shampoo that did the trick.

Here’s a glimpse of my ‘Quick Brunch Look’.

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So next time you are woken up by a sudden brunch plan, you know how to go about it, right?!

Love N Luck

– Reeneta