Plus size workout fashion

We fat people have forever been expected to go the gym, start exercising, do yoga, blah blah blah. However, here’s one major challenge – comfortable workout clothes. I have seen a lot of plus size women in my gym wear leggings with huge t-shirts, probably from a men’s store or from an export surplus where you do tend to find the most ill fitting clothes for the big sizes. Its like ‘Plus Size Workout Fashion’ does not exist!

Let me share my own experience when the other day I went to a very well known innerwear brand to buy a sports bra but not only did they not have my size, they asked me to buy a smaller size because it apparently fits the same! Stupid, silly thing to say to anyone just to push sales.

Its just not about innerwear but also the outerwear. That is equally important. For me, when I look good I feel confident and my workout becomes more fun. Unfortunately, I always had to resort to boring all-black loose tee with tracks for my workouts because, ‘aapke size me yehi aata hai’.

No one should ever be stripped of feeling beautiful in whatever they do, even if its sleeping! And working out is a “Goddess” feeling, one should look and feel like one.

Plus Size Workout Fashion

A comfortable vest with a stretchable lower that hugs your body at the right places is my ideal workout outfit. Wearing comfortable yet fitted clothes for working out is easy for your movements, lets your skin breath and feels like your second skin. I am wearing one of the most comfortable vests I ever owned and a graphic printed capri from aLL Plus Size Store and I must say, I can live in these the whole day!

aLL also has an array of stylish men’s wear too! The collection introduces the famed jogger denims for the first time in plus size fashion, with a variety of them available in different washes, shades and effects. Add to that casual shirts with cool prints, a special range of shirts made of 100% European linen fabric and bottoms like Chinos, knitted shorts, cargo capris and more.Plus Size mens fashion india