Curvy is beautiful. Period. Sure, tank tops and tiny shorts may not be our go-to option when we are hitting the beaches and mountains, but we can still have a lot of fun traveling around the world, and do it, all the while with style and panache.

Here are some of the best kept secrets for curvy girls to look like a million bucks while globe-trotting, and never have a meltdown again deciding what to pack for a vacation.

Plus Size Travel Style – Decoded!

Say Yes to Capes, Coats and Blazers 

Blazers are all about power dressing and sophistication. It is also the quickest and most definite way to make anything look classy and chic. Whether you wear them on a dress or a pair of pants, they immediately slender you down. They are simply perfect for an elaborate dinner at a fancy restaurant or your host’s home in a new land. Carry one or two of these in a neutral color and in a quirky one,
so that you can add that pop of fun and color anytime you need.

If your travel idea however is more fun, and a blazer just does not fit the bill, invest in a few capes, overcoats and shrugs. These will be great travel companions. Whether there’s a chilly wind you need to protect yourself from, a full tummy you want to hide after a hearty meal, or simply unwaxed arms, capes, coats and blazers can camouflage, protect, and make you look stylish. One tip to remember however is to, always buy these in a size bigger than your actual size.

Befriend Long, Flowy Sundresses  

To travel in style, pick up versatile pieces that you can team up with different things. Long, flowy sundresses are feminine and look stunning on voluptuous bodies. Whether you choose to sit and read a book at a coffee shop, or browse the local markets, a sundress teamed with a pair of sandals will keep you comfortable, and looking chic the whole day.

They are also perfect for lounging around on the poolside or the beach, after having a dip. Wondering what swimwear to wear? Pick mix and match tops and bottoms. Opt for a sexy bikini top or bralette, and go for a higher-cut bottom to flatter your curves. Throw on the flowy dress once you are out of the water, and simply watch the world swoon over you.

Alternatively, these dresses make great dinner picks as well. You can sport them for a casual dinner and meet with friends, or when you choose to be the solitary, mysterious traveller.

Have One Fitted Piece in Your Look Always

The rule of thumb for curvy girls is to always have one fitted piece in your attire. So if you are wearing boyfriend jeans, team them up with a fitted tee or shirt. If you are wearing a baggy pullover or shirt, wear tights or a fitted pair of denims below. This gives definition to your curves and accentuates them. However, make a clear distinction between fitted and tight. Tight is a strict no-no.


Throw in Hats, Stoles and Scarves Generously

Get creative with stoles and scarves. Play with different prints, patterns, and colors. Stoles and scarves are accessories that can lift up any look and give you an eclectic or elegant look (as you drape it). Use these carves and stoles to break the monotony in your monochrome outfits. Look up a few tutorials online, on different ways of draping a scarf or stole. Opt for cottons, georgettes and muls, if you are travelling during summers and wool, silk and jute if you are travelling during the winter months.

Pack a Few Cuffed Boyfriend Shorts

Shorts is a definite travel essential. While the right pair of shorts can make you look bang on trend and super stylish, the wrong pair can rise up on your thighs and make you very uncomfortable. The trick lies in picking the pair of shorts, that manage to strike the balance between style, comfort, and convenience. As a curvy or plus size woman, pick cuffed boyfriend shorts that are about to two to three inches above the knee. This allows complete coverage of the thighs. Make sure, they are snug on the waist, but loose around the thighs. Pick shorts in darker shades, and in softer, non-clingy, thin fabrics like cotton and linen.

Have Options in Footwear 

One of the most important, but often ignored part of your travel packing are the footwear options you carry. A pair of sneakers may be comfortable, but they are not enough. Plan a little, and think of the different things you will be indulging in, in your trip. Will there be dancing? Will you be going for a formal dinner, will there be a lot of walking and climbing? Accordingly, pack one pair of running shoes, a pair of wedges and high heels, and a t-string sandal. Do not chuck the heels when you are packing for travelling. You never know what your feet will feel like! Besides, footwear can make or break a look, and heels give a better shape to your calf. If you are in a hurry and have no time to shop before your travel,browse online for options in footwear. You will find plenty.

Styling a plus size body is not difficult at all. Follow the above, and don’t forget the essentials like a good perfume, sunscreen, make-up, and pretty and practical lingerie. And there, you are all set to give all the big beautiful women out there major style and travel goals.

Bon Voyage!