A Plus Size Monochrome Outfit

Plus Size Monochrome Outfit

monochrome tunic plus sizeI keep getting a lot of queries as to where I buy my clothes from. People don’t believe me when I say I go to the same stores as anyone else, right from Bandra streets to street style outlets. Now, being a size 18 in this country can be a little challenging. And being an apple shape just adds more to it. However, like I said, if you dress for your size, nothing can go wrong. Plus, I am going to share my finds with you on the blog atleast once a week, just like this outfit idea on top. Its perfect for a day out, a casual day at work or even an evening out with friends. I will certainly try to keep the budgets as stringent as possible. Below are similar items that you could buy from any online store to for a look similar to the look above.

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footwear monochrome outfit

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black bag monochrome outfit

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Now, I bet everyone has sturdy black leggings or a jegging. If you dont, go get one since black lowers in any style are a must have! Blush pink lips, simple neck chain and a few rings that you can find off the streets (or you can wear precious  metal incase you are allergic) – and you are ready! It may sound and look a little too simple to you but trust me when I say you this – nothing looks as classy as a pair of well fitted comfort wear.

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