plus size kurta style

Every once in a while, life takes a 360 degree turn. Its a start all over again. Its a time when you are comfortable in your space, but so comfortable that breaking away is the only way to grow. When you want to step ahead, but you are pulled back by the weight of life you created for yourself. When what chains you down is your ultimate solace, but shattering the shackles is the way to move forward, no matter how much it hurts or how heartbreaking it is to leave that part of yourself behind. This ‘reset’ mode comes atleast once in everyone’s life, where there is confusion, distress, tears, happiness, excitement, remorse, force, and lastly, freedom. Freedom from yourself, freedom from the box you put yourself in, freedom from your seemingly happy place. Its that phase without which, your purpose of life seems stagnant.

My first reset mode is the time I shifted to Bangalore. Not the easiest decision leaving behind people, work, life, routine. It was a start all over again. Getting accustomed to a new city, starting over with life anew, making new friends, meeting new people, joining a new workplace, learning a new way of life, accepting the​ change in lifestyle, learning a new lingo, and a lot more. The list is endless. Starting from scratch is not really the easiest thing to do. But one can sustain, if one can go back to the roots. Thats where our real strength lies – in our history, in our roots, in our family.

I was going through my family history, maternal family history, to know more about my tradition, the family background. My ancestral home is now in Bangladesh, about 35kms from the Indian border. Its a huge, beautiful property with a pond and plush greenery, very much resembling the ‘Zamindar Bari‘. Well, it was one at that time.

plus size kurta style

Going through the old pictures, I found the women wearing crisp sarees with statement naths, and shawls with very immaculate prints. I was impressed, ofcourse, at the sheer simplicity but brooding classiness of the women and wanted to replicate their style. May be I havent nailed it but here is my take on – Ethnic Vintage Style.

Amydus has a great collection of classic styles, especially their 3 slit kurtas. They also have a variety of colours and prints to choose from, but I am currently slightly inclined towards muted colours and I instantly fell in love with this rose pink kurta.

Moms wardrobe is a great saviour when it comes to adding a touch of tradition. Kalamkari print is an all time classic and adds an instant touch of rich culture to even an everyday outfit. Add a statement ethnic jewellery and there’s no stopping you from feeling like an Antique Goddess!


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