In our daily lives, we often hand over power to others without knowing it ourselves. I shall explain what I mean by ‘power’ as we progress. How many of us step out of our houses without sparing a thought on what others might think? I do, for one.

Even though we might proclaim we have personal preferences, the alternatives we choose from are dictated by others in most cases.

Picture this : You get into Zara and opt for an off-shoulder top which is ‘in’ right now. Now take a moment to figure out who told you in the first place that an off-shoulder top is the new ‘in’ thing? Others out there, right? And you decided to jump on the bandwagon.

In our society, it is very difficult to stand out and be different because usually people are quick to look down upon you. If you take a closer view, all those fashionistas who are now ruling the roost were once fearless enough to not give a damn about what others thought about them. As a result, they created their own trends. You must always keep in mind that once you decide to do something different, you are at risk of isolating yourself from the majority or conform.

And conforming to set standards is what the girls in the video below are asking us NOT to do, to not conform according to popular public opinion. They point out things that people ask them, the plus size girls, not to do – to not wear lingerie, to not get pregnant (Seriously?), to not wear tight dresses, to not wear a two piece swimsuit, etc and these girls go out and do just that. They do not let people hold them down. They express freely.

It is always wise to keep in mind that your own self comes before anyone else. Your happiness matters to you and the people who love you. Rest are just spectators. So, do not let others dictate what you can and cannot do. Set an example of self love and positivity for yourself that even others can look upto.