Starting my new hobby in style – weekend breakfasts! I am not a breakfast person. But off late, since I only get the weekends off, I prefer to take a drive down to various parts of Mumbai early in the morning and hunt down good breakfast joints with my partner in crime #MoodyFoodie. Last week, we drove down to The Pantry at Fort after hearing rave reviews about the breakfast spread & waffles 😀  If at all you are reading this, you must visit this cafe. 

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And while I am usually a shorts-&-tee-&-messy-bun kinda girl when it comes to early mornings, I made an effort this time. And trust me, makes you feel good when you start your day looking good!


I wore an ombre maxi slit top from StalkBuyLove with my leggings. I love how the top creates an illusion of me wearing a maxi dress but then you spot a peek-a-boo of my waist from the sides!

Maxi slit tops have been gaining popularity and while I was a little skeptical about wearing them because of those high slits, I am now over my doubts. So what if I have some flabby handles, am known for breaking fashion rules.


Oh! and those superb hair highlights that you see, its faded but I would love to get them done again. What do you think?

Love N Luck