This topic – the difference between Fashion Bloggers and Social Media Influencers – has been haunting me for a good couple of months now. I don’t know how many have noticed but there seems to have been a sudden surge in the number of new faces in the fashion blogging scene, with some even being hailed as ‘Celebrity Bloggers.’ Frankly, it hurts me. It hurts me (and many more like me) because here I am, blogging since the past 2 years trying to make a name for myself, slowly learning from my mistakes. And just when I feel that I am being recognised for my work, I am introduced to very pretty looking girls in their late-teens – the celebrity bloggers.

Though not a fan of attending events, I have attended a few. I have been a regular at fashion weeks till last year. I have seen and met genuine fashion bloggers then, who dressed well, clicked good photos of their OOTDs and most importantly, wrote well. Back then, the competition was about who knew the latest fashion news, which fashion bloggers dressed up in a budget that could be afforded by the majority of women (and men), who are the ones to wear outfits from their own wardrobes and not sourced from brands and who could repeat outfits with a fresh new twist throughout the year!

All that seems passé now. Fashion blogging has been re-introduced with a whole new meaning – pretty faces, stunning images, expensive outfits and a suspiciously huge Instagram following.

No. I do not have a problem with their followership or their sponsorships. I have a major problem when they are termed as ‘Fashion Bloggers’. They, for once, are Instagram influencers, just like how we have twitter influencers, Youtube stars, etc. Frankly, getting such crazy number of following aint a big deal anymore (you have ample apps and softwares for getting any number of followers you want) and if brands spend the same amount of money on promoting their social media handles that they spend on Instagram influencers for “blogging”, their ROI would be so much better.

I work at a digital agency and it irritates me to the core when we discuss about having blogger associations and the first thing my colleagues say is, “She should be the first in our list since she has more than 100k followers on her instagram!”  And I bet this ignorance of how the digital world works is the problem in every agency/brand. Sponsor these instagrammers for advertising your brand out to their suspiciously huge following, but do not call them celebrity bloggers. The way you judge a blog’s standing is not by counting it’s social media following but the SEO – Search Engine Optimization, which in layman’s language means – how fast google crawls up your website/page and shows it in the search results when a particular keyword is searched for. Now let’s not get into the technical details of this.

Anyways, since “I” am a Fashion Blogger, I guess I should do what I do best – an outfit post! It was Diwali just last week and while I am not someone who ever bursts crackers (I have feared them since I was a kid), I still like to light up my house and have fun in my own ways. This year I happened to have worn a slit maxi from StalkBuyLove as a kurti with black leggings and bronze peeptoes.

Plus size Slit Maxi dress - stalkbuylove

Yes the images could have been better but well, bad luck! It was extremely humid (spot the pack of face tissues in the third pic?) and I was in a rush.

Love N Luck