It may seem like a privilege. A new term that any woman with a little jiggle would like to make own.

India’s top plus size blogger – fancy shmancy right?

Well, how do you not realise you are only being marginalised. You are only being identified for your body being a little more jiggly than the others. How do you not see that they (the world, the industry) don’t see the real talent that you have – of fashion. Aren’t you a fashion blogger first?

I am. I surely am a fashion blogger first, just not the size you want to see on your phone screen. My face does not have the desired hollows, my neck doesn’t show up my nerves and tendons, my chest doesn’t flaunt a shiny skin over a much visible rib-cage, my breasts are not perky but rather a complete massy lump, my waist is the size of what your curvy hips are, my tummy hangs and folds at the places you find unsightly, my thighs touch and rub against each other leaving my pants to tear.
But you see, I am a fashion blogger, now and always, just a size you don’t want to see.

plus size blogger award
Having exclusive plus size brands is not a thing of applaud. Have brands for short, tall, dark, fair and for any other physical attributes too then.

Giving out the “best plus size blogger award” in itself is the industry just trying to push you away from what you have been trying to speak – equality and fashion! You see, the industry doesn’t find you good enough to make you even stand beside fashion bloggers. And you call this tag a privilege?

I call that shame.

This exclusivity is a shame. It’s what the whole plus size movement was against. The point is not to glorify a fat body, but to make realise that fashion is for everyone. Fat, thin, big, small, tall, short, dark, fair.

Does it not make you wonder why other physical attributes are not treated with such sympathy and ‘exclusiveness’?

Think about it.