Indian Monsoon Fashion

Mumbai, as everyone knows, faced a violent pre-monsoon shower a week or so back, so much so that half the city was submerged and life came to a standstill. If you are also put up in a sea-side city then you know how sticky such odd weather transitions can be. Yes, I am talking about the ugly, dirty and grimy – Humidity. And here’s the BIG deal – getting dressed! Its so much of a pain to wear the right fabrics and clothes to keep yourself smelling and feeling fresh all day long.

I had an invite to attend the 11th Gemfields and Nazraana Retail Jeweller India Awards 2015 on a pouring day and as much as I would have loved to stay back home and cuddle with my five fluffy pillows, I couldn’t miss out on seeing some fantastic designer jewellery.

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So there I was rummaging my wardrobe to find something that was not only comfortable but was also fit to be worn to an event like this. The first thought of course was to wear a nice gaudy Indian outfit, complete with jhumkas and stuff, but thanks to the stuffy weather I had to leave the idea out. I went through a lot of options – right from skinny jeans (I still shudder at the thought of that girl ending up in a hospital after wearing skinny jeans all day long) to my best friend, the shorts. Nothing seemed to just fit in (or so I thought).

While I preferably keep very few whites in my wardrobe, however, this time I thought of taking a chance. I teamed my checkered long sleeveless shirt with white culottes (or skirt pants), slick backcombed hair (yea, I won the fight for once against the stupid frizzy monsoon head) and an embellished earring. While shorts and tees are always there to save your back, wearing loose cotton material is a sure shot winner!

Here is an offbeat style guide to soak up the humidity

Indian Monsoon Fashion plus size India

Indian Monsoon Fashion Plus size India

Indian Monsoon Fashion Plus size

Indian Monsoon Fashion Plus Size

Indian Monsoon Fashion Plus Size

Indian Monsoon Fashion Plus Size

Thankfully, it was also partially breezy

Indian Monsoon Fashion Plus Size

So this is my take to fight this crazy humid weather, what is yours?

Love N Luck