“Oh damn! You really don’t look that fat in your pictures!”


This has been one of the most used opening line when it comes to someone who is either meeting me for the first time, or meets me after ages. I don’t really know if its meant to be a compliment when someone indirectly means “Dude, you look better in pics”, but I surely do know half the credit goes to me dressing up to suit my body shape.

For starters, I am a size 18, which is equivalent to size 2XL-3XL, which, according to Indian proportion, is a huge, big body. Here’s also the thing – I am an apple shape. Irrespective of what size you are, your body will always have a shape. The shape truly determines the kind of clothes one must wear and hence, it is very important to dress your shape. Also, more often than not, one could be a healthy mixture of more than one body shape.

It so happens more often than not that you see something that fits like a dream on the body of someone who is your size, but when you try it on, it looks a wreck. Seldom does it cross our mind to actually study the silhouette of the garment and understand how well can it enhance the beauty of our body, of our curves (yes, everyone has curves, everyone has fats.) If you still have a confusion about your body shape, you can find it in this post I wrote describing body shapes.

I wont deny the fact that dressing up a bigger body has more hassles than that of a tinier body. First, we do not fit into the set norm of body proportion. Being big and plus sized does not necessarily mean our vitals are in proportion. Some have smaller waist, some smaller bust while some have a flat ass, or vice-versa. A well fitted garment or dress is a tough find in the Indian market.

However, one brand seem to have it being taken care of. Afamado approached me to try on their new product service where I can choose from an array of designs they have on their website and it will be customised to my exact size. Prices range a little on the higher side, but who cares as long as it is something made exclusively for you!

Dress your Shape with Afamado

Dress your Shape with Afamado - Plus size fashion

I am not a very dressy person, but the fit of this off shoulder mustard dress from Afamado instantly made me fall in love with it. While this is one way I styled it, I cant wait to wear it over many more times, styling it ever so differently every single time!