Imagine you are on a road trip along with your friends to a spectacular hill side. Travelling along a scenic landscape you get totally absorbed in its scintillating beauty. Your windscreens are down, you are breathing in the burst of fresh air, your hair dancing with the wind. Its getting darker and colder as you enter a road flanked by dense forest. The skies above are a pale blue with tints of the setting sun. The clouds are hovering over your head, dense and dark. You are still lost in the beauty of nature when your car comes to a screeching halt that makes you fall off your seat. You find your grip and look up to see what just happened and you are welcomed by something like this………….


We grew up hearing such stories from our grandparents and parents. And somewhere, I do believe that life after death do exist. Thats what Halloween is all about, isnt it ? Its all about those wandering souls trying to find a body for themselves and more often than not, the victims are the ones travelling by roads as they are the most easy and vulnerable targets. But then, should that stop you from taking memorable road trips with your family and friends?

My grandma always told me that a strong mind and a spiritual smell can always fend off bad spirits. Its obviously not advisable to use incense sticks in a car but you surely can use car fragrances that will also help you keep your friends happy. Nobody likes travelling in a smelly stinky car!


Try the new festive range of Godrej Aer Home and Car fragrances to headstart your celebration with all things fragrant. Also, do let me know which fragrance you like best.
Why not go “Desi” this Halloween? Remember the famous Manjulika. Undoubtedly, my look here is inspired from her! To get this look, wear a tshirt as a blouse and drape your saree in the most clumsiest way possible. Also make sure your saree is not ironed. Take any red color powder and smear it on your forehead and rub your eyes like a crying baby after applying a healthy dose of kajal. Give the final touch by messing your hair up after tying it in a loose low bun. Don’t forget the “Maang Tika” and “Gajra”. For Shristhi’s look, wear a dark cape, apply a dose of shell colored foundation and dust your face with some powder. Line your lower rim with red colour eye shadow or you can even use your rouge blush.
Have a Happy Halloween!

Love N Luck

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