I have been told culottes are not meant for bigger girls or culottes for plus size girls are almost a joke. That culottes look the best on slim girls will long slender legs, you know the legs-for-days kinds – (Read: Kendall Jenner)

I love culottes. They are airy and comfortable and are the perfect clothing for this seemingly humid weather. They do not graze the concrete beneath you to pick up all the dirt and at the same time, keeps you feeling fresh through the day without giving you the inner thigh rashes. But given the shape of a culotte, do you think a plus size girl with stubby legs should go for it?

I thought of giving it a try because I was floored by all those gorgeous women around the world wearing them. But here’s what struck me, most of them wearing culottes are on the taller side. I, being a mere 5’3″, was a little unsure of wearing them as it would only make me look more short. I mean, its a known fact that having the hem below your knees automatically cuts short your leg length (of course its just illusionary) and with culottes being broad and wide, it only adds to the breadth.

Being plus size is a boon, but being plus size on the shorter side is like a cherry on top! A lot of the clothes I buy are exceptionally long. I don’t understand why brands would think plus size = 5’11” 😀 While half the time I do not easily find my size across the biggest of stores, when I do, I cannot don them till I rush to a tailor. I am sure a lot of petite girls out there feel my woes, don’t you?

On a recent trip to a nearby mall, I got myself this pair of monochrome striped culottes from aLL the plus size store. And well, that was the beginning of breaking yet another set of fashion rules for plus size girls:

  1. Avoid midis as it will make you look shorter and broader
  2. Avoid flares across the broadest sections to appear slimmer
  3. Avoid bold prints on the heavier areas like thighs
  4. Dont wear ankle strap heels if you have stubby legs

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