Being a fashion blogger for the last several months, all I have done is talk about having an individual style. But what I have always missed out on is the writing style. Yes, a fashion “blogger” also has her own style of writing. Everyone knows it, but nobody acknowledges it (by everyone, I mean their own selves too!). And its just not in the case of bloggers but everyone. Writing is another basic criteria defining your individuality and nobody can take that away from you. Having said that, “let no one take that way from you”! There is no such thing as a bad writer or a good writer. If you can put across the message you want to send to your audience, well, you have done your work! Its just lately that I realized that my readers are not just mere followers of my style but also the way I communicate with them. Its your words that make you a survivor in platforms like this, don’t you agree?




Wearing a peppy shade from Maybelline’s new range of neon matte lippies – MAT3



Shoes and Crop Top – Bandra Thrift
Bag – Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore

Love N Luck!