Amydus - Indian Plus Size Brand

Its not always that I talk about brands. That should make it all the more of a reason as to why Amydus, an Indian plus size brand, is my favourite.

I was introduced to this brand almost three years back, with the first piece of clothing that I owned being these blue pants and this straight gray kurta. Since then, needless to say, Amydus has been a personal favourite.

The first couple of years I remember ordering basic-wear from them such as loose tops, maxi dresses, kurtis and pants. With time, their collection started becoming more fashionable with new items being added on to the website every other week. They indeed are such a favourite among the plus size section, especially North India that they also have individual stores in Gurgaon and Chandigarh!

Now, till a few weeks back, if someone asked me about where to get good plus size clothes from I would immediately say Amydus. However, the phrase ‘good plus size clothes’ started getting a little too ambiguous. I like specifics. In the sense clothes for what occasion, what time of the day, for what activity, etc.

Coincidence or not, Amydus approached me right then to tell me about their new arrivals, which also consisted of plus size activewear and plus size loungewear. Add to that there were tshirt dresses and A-line dresses, high waisted pants and regular fit trousers, tops with detailed designing and kurtas with a twist. When they asked me to choose a few outfits and style them based on how I would spend a regular day in my life, I was spoilt for choice. I finally zeroed in upon a loungewear, followed by a casual dress I wore to a brunch and an evening date wear which was comfortable yet stylish.

This bright coral loungewear dress with lace accents was an instant yes as soon as I saw it! It comes in two colours but why choose grey when you are a colourful soul?

Being a short girl has its cons. Like dresses meant to be short can skim way past your knees. Hence, I called for a size bigger so that I could tie it at the waist loosely while the length falls perfect for me. Nonetheless, the material of the dress is so comfy, I wouldn’t want to come out of it!

While I would usually choose a classy evening dress to wear out on a date night, I chose to go out of my comfort zone this time. I floor grazing trouser that fits like second skin, over an emerald green tunic with cut-out shoulders was my pick.

For us, the plus size women, one very important thing we must always keep in mind while shopping for clothes, especially pants is the breathability of the fabric. With our thighs so much in love with each other, wearing pants with rough inseams can get rather painful after a while (you know what I mean!). The pants from Amydus seem to have tackled this one issue all thick girls face.

They also have an activewear section which I am rather keen to try out in the coming months when I get back to my routine. For now, if there is one website I would hop to to find wearable plus size fashion, it would be Amydus.

Photographer – Yedusuresh