Its hot! Like, really really hot!

Tosh, Himachal

Tosh, Himachal

After spending a week in the magical Himachal with temperatures not above 8°, coming back to Bombay burning at a whopping 38° was totally maddening!

It took a total of 7 seconds for me to break into a sweat with my head pounding as soon as I stepped out of the Mumbai airport. I was wearing my denims and a basic black tee, something that has always been my wardrobe favourite as it is made of a breathable fabric (plus, the colour helps in hiding any sweat patches! :D)

For the next few days, I wore my most comfortable and snug tees to work. However, I started having itchy skin by the end of the day,everyday, because of the immense heat. Clearly, the fabric I assumed to be my saviour for the hot months was giving me away, and I had to find an alternative. Fast.

I went about shopping in every nook and corner I could think of to find my size, and even scrolled through pages of plus size clothing online, but nothing caught my skin’s fancy. I almost gave up when I came across a very summer friendly ss17 collection from aLL in their stores. Though they had quite a lot of different fabric suited for the Indian weather, I went straight for a few shirts and a short in linen.

Now, there are a lot of reasons why one should opt for linen in the tropical climate, but I have narrowed it down to the few most important ones.

Here are the 5 reasons linen is your BFF this summer

  1. It is the oldest natural fabric, made from flax. Thus making it environment friendly as well as biodegradable.
  2. Linen fabric wicks moisture and repels any kind of stain. In a tropical country with a lot of pollution and an abundance of unhealthy lifestyle, it is but obvious of the stains that our toxic body can produce. However, bye bye sweat stains!
  3. Linen fabric is said to have medicinal properties. It helps against rashes, allergies and eczema while also being resistant to fungus and bacteria.
  4. Linen fabric are knows to absorb 20% of its dry weight before starting to feel wet. Owing to the humid weather conditions in India, its surely a winner.
  5. Last but not the least, it keeps your skin feeling fresh and pores breathing, while protecting against the sun’s radiations. It also does not accumulate static electricity while also having a tensile strength three times more than cotton. (P.S a lot of currency like the US dollar uses 25% linen)

aLL plus size store has quite a few different outfits to choose from when it comes to linen fabric. My personal favourite was this white basic shirt. I opted for a size 2 times bigger than my own, just so I can pair it with denims, tuck it in my trousers or shorts or even pair them with my jeggings. However, to keep things chic, I paired mine with a high waist laced shorts, also from aLL. Kept my makeup extremely minimal, prepping it with a sunscreen and nude lipstick.

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