Ever since Taco Bell has opened its outlets in Bombay, it has become a favourite joint for many food lovers. Here’s a list why those who love food, love Taco Bell & Hate McD.

  •  Its Fucking delicious

What more to say, Its just fucking delicious!


  • You never get to read/hear nasty things about taco over the internet.


Just imagine you are digging into a McD burger and your mind goes back to the article which read ‘Semen found in McD cheese’. Thats gross! You never get to hear such things about Taco. Atleast I have never come across anything yet.

  • Zombies Vs. Humans

The staff at Mc Donalds behave like slaves who are forced to work and the guys at Taco bell are like friends, full of life.


  • Borders and ketchups

Taco bell signature border sauces. ooooh…the fire, the hot, the mild. I often steal extra sachets from them to use at home. It can just prep up any sort of food.


Comment below if you want to add more points to the list.