Firstly, cheers to our first ever recipe post! Yayy!

You guys must know by now we love food! What you didn’t know though, is we equally love cooking and trying new easy things (shortcuts, you see 😉 ). Being students, its not really feasible for us to take out time to cook delicious 3 course meals and neither is it easy on your pockets to go out every once in a while. So what? We stop feasting? Really? Naaaah!!

So here’s our hero – Masterchef! We have been following the show for quite a long time and have  learnt some easy cooking tips, which we will be more than glad to share with you! Today, lets make ice-cream. Don’t fret, you don’t really need your mum or a helping hand. All you need is a minute. Yes yes, a minute!

One minute Ice-cream recipe

Ingredients :

500 gms frozen fruits (berries and peaches are our favourites)

100gms castor sugar (or according to your taste)

2 egg whites 1/2 cup cream (if you are as indulgent as we are!)


Put the fruits and sugar in a processor and start it. Pour the egg whites into the processor. You will slowly start seeing that the mixture starts getting paler at the bottom. Pour the cream into the mixture and let it process further into a smooth and creamy texture. Your one minute ice-cream is ready! Take it out and gorge on it!!!

So this super cool stuff is Matt Preston’s one minute ice-cream recipe, a well known chef and one of the judges in the panel of Masterchef Australia. And just to get you more excited, season 6 will be aired tomorrow (28 July’14) onwards on Star World at 9pm.

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Love N Luck