• Good portion
        • Affordable
        • Best Smoothies
        • Ambience


        • Poor dine-in service
        • Taste/Flavours

        This is just another restaurant trying to ride on the wave of health food. I was quite disappointed but let me start with some positives.

        MoodyFoodie totally loves the way they have setup the place. The ambience is very chilled out and offers comfort. You will see all things about good healthy food written all over the walls but when it comes to the menu, it did not impress me much. Only stand out was the pizza, which they call ‘healthizza’ because their pizza crust is apparently healthy and also tastes good. Other than that, the menu is very regular with some salads, pasta dishes and some smoothies.
        They offer a wide variety of fresh smoothies, salads, pasta etc on the menu. We ordered for a pizza and a sprouts salad. The pizza was good but lacked seasoning. But major disappointment was the salad. It looked like any other road side bhelpuri and tasted even worse. I always like cold salads, so the sprouts being cooked and slimy was an instant turnoff. So one word of caution is to never order any salad in case you plan to visit them. The smoothies are the only good thing they offer. Its rich, creamy, tasty and also healthy as they claim they don’t add any additional sweetener and use fresh fruits off the counter.

        The thing which really surprised and let me down was their hospitality. They served food in cheap paper plates. You don’t expect that when you walk into a good restaurant and pay that much of money.

        Overall a below average foodie experience. I will definitely visit them if not for anything else, but smoothies.

        Feel free to comment below with your experience at Pishu’s. Would love to hear! May be they were having a bad day when we visited 🙂

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