‘Maa ke haath ka khana’  is something which will make most of us nostalgic. The world’s finest kitchens and chefs fail in front of mom cooked food.
I strongly believe that good food comes from pure and passionate intention behind it, and there’s nothing pure than a mothers love. For people like me, who do not have the luxury of savoring home cooked meals all round the year, we keep looking for alternatives to “Maa ke haath ka khana”. Its then when I came across “Mavshi” and wanted to share her story.
Mavshi is a home cook from the suburbs of Versova, Mumbai. Few passionate youngsters stumbled upon her deliciously cooked seafood spread and could not resist the idea of sharing that amazing food with the world. Hence began the journey of Mavshi’s kitchen.
Apart from being a talented cook & a favourite amongst her customers, she has also been featured on an award winning documentary “Cooked”. If you are still not convinced to go ahead and try out some prawn curry or a surmai fry, then here are few pictures to make you drool 😀
I’ve tasted Mavshi’s delicacies and was totally surprised by the great taste & quality of food. But this is an option for strictly seafood lovers. Check their Facebook Page to be updated on the latest menu.