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        There’s a saying,

        “It’s always better to sail in two boats so that if one sinks, you’ve got another”.

        Loco Chino fits the saying perfectly. Its a single quick service restaurant, but serves cuisines from two different parts of the world – Mexican and Chinese/Thai. For the impatient you who do not want to read this till the last paragraph, Mexican hands down wins the battle at LocoChino unless you are a die hard thai food fan. Both the cuisines are very well differentiated in all aspects of this place. Right from their branding, their menu, the interiors, everything is a balanced mix of both the cuisines.



        To start off with the Thai/Chinese menu, they offer a tonne of different kinds of dim-sums. Paper thin rice sheets stuffed with all things good, steamed the traditional way and elegantly served hot and fresh in bamboo steamers are no less than a delight. Must try are the Spinach & Parmesan, Four Mushroom and Chicken Shui Mai. Most of the things on their menu are kind of quick bites except couple of dishes served with sticky rice. I’m personally not a big fan of Sticky rice but I heard that its average tasting and Chicken Khao Suey was a fav. on the table.

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        I can’t wait to start over with the Mexican menu. I am a big fan of Mexican food and never miss a chance to try out dishes at any new restaurant in town. LocoChino was one on my book mark list since quite sometime. They have all the basic Mexican stuff on the menu, the nachos, tacos, quesadillas, burrito etc etc. Chicken Quesadilla and the Big Fat Chicken Burrito were really good and I’ll suggest them to anyone visiting this place but the nachos were really really disappointing. In short everything was good but lacked that punch, that “Woah” factor which makes you keep wanting for more.

        There’s something these guys keep secretly in the kitchen to give your meal a great finish, the Desserts! I think these guys have really good options for desserts and more than that everything is delicious. The spongy cake topped with some fresh cream icing, dipped in a bed of gooey condensed milk is not just appealing to look at but is a spoon full of amazing flavours. Yes it’s the popular Tre Leches and the rispy Churros topped with some chocolate sauce may sound basic but is no less than a party in your mouth.

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        I’m not really sure how well/successful Loco Chino will stand in front of other competing food chains in Mumbai but these guys sure are smart with their idea of serving best of two worlds under the same roof. Do give them a visit and let me know your experience. Would love to hear in the comments below.

        Love N Luck