Like seriously! Its really time that we think outside the buns. If you have been following us you would have read this story 😀

I was at a mall recently and all that I saw around were the same old brands serving the same old style patty between buns at a cheaper price just to attract masses. Thanks to Taco Bell which was no less than an oasis amidst a desert for me cuz I am just so done with eating boring Burgers. And I am sure you guys are too.

There are many niche restaurants serving Mexican inspired food but it was never a very popular choice. If there’s someone who has brought Mexican food to Indian masses it’s Taco Bell. I was one of their first customers years back in Bangalore and it was like falling in love at first bite. These guys don’t just sell food to fill your stomach but an overall experience which they call “Food Adventure” Mexican food is all about finding that perfect balance between a tonne of ingredients. Their food is multi sensory, as in a bite will give you the balance of sweet, sour, spice, crunch, gooey…. everything together. We never realise all that when we eat but yeah that’s the detailing which goes behind building a brand. 

Taco Bell Mumbai

Here’s a quick look at their menu and some of my personal favs which you must try –

Four Dip Nachos

Nachos : Taco Bell Mumbai

A simple dish served with four additional dips. The green coloured dip made of Jalapenos and green tomatoes! Do not miss this.

Topped Nachos

Topped Nachos : Taco Bell Mumbai

I think it’s their cheese sauce that makes all the difference! (in a good way of course!) Probably the best nachos in town.

Crunchy Taco 

Taco Bell Mumbai

Filled with layer of warm oozy beans and chicken, salsa, fresh iceberg and grated cheese, this is one of my messy favourites! Tilt your head to the side to eat it.

Seven Layer Burrito

Seven Layer Burrito : Taco Bell Mumbai

A big fat roll for the big fat appetite, it’s packed with everything they have on the menu!


Chocodilla : Taco Bell Mumbai

Yummy gooey chocolate sauce in between thin sheets of sticky flour. Its pure heaven!

There are few dishes which you can give a miss:


Challupas : Taco Bell Mumbai

I personally did not like the chalupa for its rather thick out covering and oiliness. It also tends to become soggy real quick.


Quesadilla :Taco Bell Mumbai

While I love that oozy mess of cheesy wonder inside, I hate that sticky feeling in my mouth later.

Mexican Pizza

Mexican pizza :Taco Bell Mumbai

It looks delicious but its way too soft to be called a pizza. If only the crunch stayed a bit longer this too would have been a winner!

Thanks to the guys at Yum Restaurants who invited us over for a “Food adventure session” It was indeed a great expereicne and my first time in a professional kitchen.

Taco Bell Mumbai

I would love to hear your experience at Taco Bell. Let me know in the comments below.

PS: Dear taco bell if you find the border sauce sachets missing from your Mumbai outlets, I just want you to know it’s not me. 😀 I totally  love border sauce & the quotes written on them.


 Love N Luck