Coming home hungry to find no food is the saddest part of my everyday life. There are days when I am pumped up to whip up some of the finest delicacies I can cook, and then there are the home delivery options. But there are days when I am too broke and too tired but also, being a foodie, sleeping without food ain’t an option. And hence, to save myself and those like me, I curated a couple of quick recipes that can take as less as 3 minutes to be made!

quick indian recipes masala papad

  1. We Indians are known for our love of spices. What’s better than a Spicy peanut masala for a healthy dinner? Recipe here
  2. Chilly cheese toast for a smacking evening snack? Anytime! Recipe here
  3. We Indians love Naans! Get your 5 minute Naan recipe here
  4. Give your tongue a tangy twist with ‘Masala Papad’. Get your recipe here

And then are those 9am meeting days with not much time to have that hearty filling happy breakfast at home. Or order it at workplace because you cannot do with a nibble of food and ordering 10 portions is like, well…

quick indian recipes masala chai

  1. It is the rainy season, I mean technically it should have been by now but that is no reason for not indulging in some ‘Chai pe Charcha’. Get your recipe for your Masala Chai here
  2. Often breakfast means something South Indian. Get your quick recipe for Rawa Idli here
  3. Who is up for some soft, spongy Dhokla made at home? Recipe here

Desserts anyone? Not as tough as Masterchef makes it looks like you know? Just keep aside your calorie and carb count and give life the fair chance it deserves while not emptying your bank balance. Nothing like quick recipes for desserts.

quick indian recipes oreo no bake cake

  1. I love, you love, we all love Oreos! And you know what I love more? An Oreo cake. Get your recipe here
  2. Besan ke laddoo? Yummm! Recipe here
  3. Pudding always brings back childhood memories. Get your recipe here

I would love to know more recipes as quick, easy and pocket friendly as this so do drop it in the comments below. Also, you can pen down your recipe and send it to us and the best ones gets published on the blog!