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India is always a festive country. Small occasions like “Ghar ka Puja”, big occasions like Holi and Diwali, personal occasions like Birthdays and Weddings, self-made occasions like promotion and graduation – we find endless reasons to celebrate! And what is that first thing that comes to your mind whenever you go to a festival or are invited to an occasion almost equal to a festival?
Yes of course! I am talking about FOOD! The festival air is laden with the smell of food whether at the streets or at homes. Sharing with you my favourite festivals based on “food value” 😀 :D.

Eid-ul-fitr or Meethi Eid – The whiff of condensed milk and raisins, Heaven!

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Christmas – I am a die-hard non vegetarian. I look forward to Christmas for all different kinds of meat preparation, right from roasted turkey to duck meat to pork ribs. (Damn, my mouth’s already watering :/ ) . After that, the array of desserts. Its like every house in the colony smells like the town’s best bakery.
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Diwali – This is one time of the year when I can survive on sweetdishes throughout the day. Balushahis for breakfast, Puri with Shrikhand for lunch and Halwa and Barfi for dinner. Ghee is the essence/flavour/smell of the season, no kidding.
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Onam – I dislike coconuts to the core, but then there’s something in Onam Sadhya dishes that I love inspite of it being soaked in coconut oil. From crispy fried banana chips to tangy rasam, its coconutty-tangy (my word) :p
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Durga Puja – No bengali will ever not list down “Bhoger Khichudi” as their utmost favourite. The aromatic gobindobhog rice mixed with roasted moong dal – your mouth’s already watering?
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But tadaaaa!!! Reality check – festivals dont last forever and neither does the aroma in the air. So does that mean “end to good smelling homes”? Hell no! You should always keep your lovely homes smelling equally good so why not invest in a good air freshener?
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Love N Luck

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