We all have our alcohol preferences along with the best available drink mixers. Some prefer water, some prefer juices while some like it neat. Step up the drinking game with these fancy cocktails. Here is a list of cocktails for everyone who loves to drink.  Cheers!

Whiskey/Scotch lovers, you will be in for a sweet and bitter surprise with a Manhattan


25 ml sweet vermouth, 75 ml bourbon whiskey and a dash of bitters (optional) with smoked lime twist to pack that extra punch. | source |

Vodka based Moscow Mule served in a fancy copper pot


Doesn’t it already sound exciting? Taste-wise, expect a cooling concoction of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. | source |

If you love white rum go for a Daiquiri


A shaken cocktail with rum, lime juice and simple sugar syrup, topped over crushed ice, daiquiri is a slushy looking (and tasting) but refreshing cocktail | source |

Old Monk being the hottest favourite amongst everyone, couldn’t keep dark rum off the list


A Zombie is a hard hitting cocktail made with 4 parts rum, one part brandy, one part each of an orange and a pineapple juice, a dash of grenadine, some lime juice with a splash of Bacardi to top it off. And yes, it can make you talk, eat and snort like a Zombie! | source |

Make your beer even more cooling with a Summer Hoedown


Summer Hoedown is a bright and heavily refreshing combination of watermelon juice, cherry liqueur and beer. There cannot be a more refreshing drink at the moment! | source |

Wine enthusiasts, it’s time to give that port wine a serious thought!


Apple and pink julep is made with 4 quarts port wine to one quarts apple juice with some crushed mint sprigs. | source |

A French 75 is surely gonna keep a Champagne drinker’s classiness intact


A shot of gin, a dash of lime, some sugar/simple syrup and topped to the brim with sparkling champagne. Pretty pretty! | source |

Gimlet for the Gin lovers


Mix a part sweetened lime juice with four parts gin to pack yourself a punchy cocktail. | source |

Tequila lovers, give way to the Paloma


A dash of grapefruit with tequila and club soda packed with ice is a rather refreshing cocktail, even good enough for breakfast. | source |

Which one is your favourite? Comment below.

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