A long weekend ended up in a bitter way for this beautiful family.Meet Mayura Amarkant, a friend, a mentor, whose dreaded visit to this posh restaurant in the hub of Bandra made us write this story.
After a hearty Sunday shopping spree in Bandra, Mayura with her husband and two kids, a 9 year old son and a 9 month old, heads for dinner to Mamagoto. They were offered a corner seat and within a few minutes, her son starts complaining of mosquito bites. A waiter was called and asked to make arrangements for the discomfort. He put on a mosquito repellant coil after about ten minutes, at a distance of five feet. It happened to be too mosquito friendly. Another waiter was called over and explained the same thing. He promptly put another repellant but at a distance of almost 10 feet this time! When Mayura retorted asking for a change of seating or a repellant nearby, they were refused saying there were no plug points around. Now, who says such a thing to a valued customer? Well, till here it sounds like a normal dinner outing right? You must be wondering what could have possibly gone so wrong that it makes me write this. Well, the actual drama starts now.
She calls for the manager but was flatly refused to even that. Angry and frustrated, they finally make their way out. It was then that the unimaginable happened! At the gate was the manager, Mr Ashish Gautam (photo attached). Mayura went ahead and complained about what happened inside the restaurant. The manager was not only unapologetic, but also indifferent to the fact. He gave no ears to her complaints and in turn blamed Mayura of having chosen that seat.

Mr. Ashish Gautam, Manager @ Mamagoto

He even went on to the extent of saying, “I can’t help it if the mosquitoes chose you to bite. I can’t do anything because there are no plug points near your table for mosquito repellent. What can I do if you have a small baby and a kid?”. Enraged, she asked for the owner’s number, the details of which were denied saying he is not in India. Infact, instead of being apologetic towards his distressed guests, he made faces and was unbelievably rude. Now, who would have expected such behavior from one of Mumbai’s most loved place?
Mamagoto is an Asian eat-out place loved by Mumbaikars for its delectable menu. We ran a small check on them and found out that they did make a major blunder earlier too, which was handled pretty well (snapshots attached).

An Iron nail in the salad !

With the social media making it so easy for everyone to voice out their opinions, we wonder what made them not pay heed to Mayura’s complaints. She instantly took this up on Facebook, where she garnered ample support.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.16.08 am

The only words that are running through my mind right now are,

“It’s funny how you can do nice things for people all the time but once you make one mistake it’s never forgotten”.

Lets share this article with everyone until it reaches Mr. Ashish Gautam, himself.

Love N Luck