Food festivals are very common these days but a festival dedicated to a humble dish – Dosa, is not very heard of. Experimenting with cuisines and culinary styles is riding the high waves of food trends in India, and the latest such festival on the block of Mumbai food scene is The Dosa Festival at The Resort, Madh-Marve.

The resort Madh food festivals mumbai4

The resort is one of the prime properties in Mumbai suburbs known for being a quick relaxing getaway from the bustling city life overlooking the lovely Aksa beach. Natural beauty adds to the entire experience of a relaxing vacay with some great food.

The resort Madh food festivals mumbai pool

Chef’s at The Resort are known for hosting food festivals or serving the guests with dishes which are generally not on the menu. Every month they have a new flavor, a new cuisine and a new style! I had the chance to visit them last month when they were hosting the Dosa Festival and I was delighted to see such an interesting twist to the good old Dosa!

The resort Madh food festivals mumbai2The crispy dosa at The Resort

Being a South Indian myself, I have literally grown up eating mom made Dosas. Earlier it was just a plain dosa or one with the mashed potatoes. It’s interesting to see how over the years chefs & cooks have built on the traditional recipes and added their own touch to it. Whether it is the menu of Dosa Plaza which serves 100+ different varieties or the food stalls & festivals like these who brings out such interesting concepts to life.

If you are the experimental kind then I strongly recommend attending the ongoing Dosa Festival at The Resort. Here, you get an option to choose right from the base of your Dosa to the fillings – fully customized to your liking. Follow them here to be updated on all their future activities.