Heya people!
Its been been so so long I saw my own blog haha! Things have been so busy that I thought I would take a break and come back with lots of cool stuff. But seeing the rising temperatures of Mumbai, I thought I’d write in some tips on keeping it cool. And what better than some cool colors?

Nah! M not talking about donning florals and pastels. You are anyways, aren’t you? What I have here today is a list of coolers to calm that heated up body of yours!
CCD held a very springy summery event last month to launch their newest range of coolers – brain freeze. Haven’t tried them yet? Then hold on, I’m gonna tell you what’s worth trying and whats not.


I was glad to be one of their style icons. After a super sexy make-up session by Marvie ann beck academy, we headed to CCD to taste the drinks. It surely was such a happy feeling to hold the ice cold glasses on reaching there in the scorching sun. But a sip of my first drink, and I wasn’t that impressed. Green apple cooler had a refreshing feel but was way too sweet for my taste buds. Same with berry blush. Cool blue has always been in the menu and have been a family favourite, trust me! But what I liked was ice berg. Smooth icy coffee blended to perfection, add to that some smoked chicken sandwich. Yes, its a bit too sweet when it melts, but u can’t deny it really makes you soothe. And which lady does not like coffee???!


I wish we had better pictures, but then again I wasn’t really happy with my outfit so I’m glad there aren’t any :D. As for my make up, I loved my eyes!

Make-up : Marvie Ann Beck | Styling : Amaze Styling l Wardrobe : Roxy and Superdry

Love N Luck