Ok, so its needless to say how awesome our country is when we talk about our culture, food, fashion etc. It’s so vibrant that it can fade out any other country in comparison. Then within this huge country there are plenty of different cuisines and food that it’s quite a task for any foodie to keep track of all and add them to the must-eat list. I go through this painful research every time I travel to a new place. ( Secret Tip – When ever you travel, eat like the locals do. Don’t be apprehensive of trying new stuff)

I’ve been in Bombay ( Mumbai ) for more than 2 years now and ever since am on the go to hunt down the best maharashtrian  dishes. I visited many cities in the state and with some close foodie friend’s help, managed to jot down this list of must try dishes from the marathi food menu.



A perfect way to beat the heat is with this mildly spiced yogurt / buttermilk based drink. |source|

Vada Pav


Do I need to say that Vada Pav is the most iconic dish of all! You probably might have already tried it, if not then it’s time. |source|

Missal Pav


If a dish has a wikipedia page, it sure is iconic 😀 This is one staple breakfast & snack dish amongst Maharashtrians. If you love street food then Missal pav is the most common dish you can find on street hawkers second to vada pav. Boiled beans with a spicy gravy topped with the classic Maharashtrian sev. What else do one need in life 😀 |source|

Puneri Bhakarwadi


I did not know of Bhakarwadi until it was on Masterchef India this season. It’s a popular tea time snack. Spicy, crisp on outside, smooth mix on the inside, deep fried….. It is just delicious. |source|



This is not particularly a marathi dish. It has different renditions in Gujarat &  Rajasthan as well. Though it sounds a little odd to pair the puris with sweet mango pulp, but you need to taste it to know how heavenly it tastes! |source|



Puranpoli is another favourite snack in Maharashtra. It is a very basic flatbread sweetened with jaggery or sugar. Want to add a modern touch to it, top it up with some honey. |source|

Pandhara Rassa


Kolhapuri style, MUTTON, creamy white sauce….. do I need say more? *Drooling* |source|

Tambada Rassa


Many people associate “kolhapuri” to spicy in local restaurants, thanks to this dish. A spicy gravy curry made with both mutton & chicken. |source|

Zunka bhakar


I din’t want to be partial to vegetarian foodies, so here’s the dish for you. Its a gram flour and chickpea flour based sauce tempered with spicy mix of mustard,curry leaves, chilli and garlic. Beauty in simplicity. |source|

Tisrya Masala


What! a clams dish? Really? Yes! also one of the best clams dishes ever! It’s either serves as stir fried or with a thick spicy sauce. It’s heaven for seafood lovers. Take my word. |source|

Kolambi Masala


A malvani style prawns masala curry which you just can’t resist. The spices and sweetness of prawns is the best combination for any meal of the day. |source|



The most common yogurt based sweet dish in all parts of India but it traditionally belong to Marathi cuisine. It’s a great substitute to ice creams and definitely packs a punch when flavoured perfectly. |source|

God! After writing this, I cannot wait but head out to eat my favourite missal pav right now. I’ll get back & read your comments!

Love N Luck