Asado Latin Grill

Asado Latin Grill







        Value For Money



          • Lava Grill
          • Ambience
          • Variety Food Options


          • Hospitality/Service
          • Over Priced

          Asado Latin Grill is a new Latin American themed restaurant in Mumbai and we were happy to be invited to attend their inaugural dinner. The place promises to offer a lot of uncommon food experiences to people, lava grill being the centre of attention. The ambience inside is not great as the painted walls feel a little awkward but the outdoor seating is really good. They have somewhere tried to overdo things a bit and it shows on the kind of bulky cutlery and not so needed stone slab plates on those small tables. They are trying to feature in the fine dine segment but such a place is quite far from being a fine dine experience.

          To start with in general, the place is somewhat confusing as they call themselves a latin grill restaurant but have plenty of Mexican and Italian dishes on the menu. Split personality?

          Asado Latin Grill Mumbai

          There are a lot of quick bite appetisers to kickstart the meal with. Crispy Calamari, Katafi Prawns , Cheese Asparagus, Scallops, Nachos are the few good choices but what topped the list was Pork Belly Salad and for a healthier option, Quinoa Salad.
          One good thing I noticed was the way these guys present and plate the dishes. The level of detailing shows when the dishes arrive. Surprisingly, majority of the dishes comes topped with sort of a mango mixed fruit salad. It worked fine with some dishes and on some it was just unwanted. Too much on a plate does not always work well. Please take a note chef!

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          But anyway, I was much excited to try out some lava grill dishes. And man! they did not disappoint, totally lived up to name. The Lobster and the Pork ribs were of melt-in-the-mouth quality. Perfectly cooked meat, with fried mushrooms and veggies dressed in a delicious sauce is all that you need in life, at times 😀

          Lobster Grill

          There is a wide variety of alcohol and beverages to choose from but Sangria looked quite like a favourite amongst the ladies. Of what I heard, the cocktails were a little too spiked. The desserts are very limited which makes me sad but the Tres Leches and Churros are decent enough to end a good meal.

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          Overall, Asado is definitely a must visit place if you are a meat and sea food lover. But the price point would be a concern for many as it’s on a very steep side. I won’t call it outrageous but may be it’s coz they want to attract a particular set of crowd.

          A good restaurant is not just about great food. It’s a perfect balance of food, hospitality, experience ….. and the list goes on. So a small advice to the guys who run the place, I think you should look into hiring better managers and servers especially when you want to offer a fine dine experience.

          If any of you guys have been to Asado, I would love to hear your experience. Drop in the comments below.

          Love N Luck