Bombay has always been a melting pot of cultures, food being at the forefront. There are restaurants in this city which dates back to almost 30 – 40 years and then there are new ones opening almost every other day. One of them being AQABA – A Mediterranean abode. Weird name isn’t it ? That was the very first reason which made us anxious when we first received the invite for an exclusive food tasting session.

Food has always been a passion for me and I never miss a chance to visit new places and taste some new flavours, and AQABA was no exception. We reached the place which is very uncommonly located in a Business park. It would undoubtedly be one of the finest, state of the art buildings in Bombay. So be ready to be in awe as soon as you see the place as it is huge and very tastefully decorated. Since it is a Mediterranean restaurant, I was expecting a similar decor but it was rather modern and elite. A restaurant is not just about the food but its equally about the overall experience one has. Bit disappointing.

Lets Jump on to the food!

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Mezze platter comes with choice of 6 mezze dishes. Mediterranean is all about different kinds of meat, and we couldn’t resist ordering for all non-veg mezze.

Must try 

Shish Taouk ( Tender charcoal chicken )

Lamb Dolma ( Grapevine leaves stuffed with lamb )

Kofte ( Minced beef )

Sarma ( Steamed cabbage rolls )

Can give a miss

Hummus  ( You really need an explanation!)

Don’t even think of 

Labneh ( Hung Yogurt Balls )

In the Mains we opted for a chicken and a fish dish.

Must try

Chicken Souvlaki ( Chargrilled chicken with bell peppers )

Can give a miss

Fish Sayadeih ( Grilled fish with sayadeih rice)

Now the best part of the meal – Desserts! Baklava was in my head since the time I got to know that it’s a Mediterranean restaurant, but was bit disappointed.

Must try

Panna cotta ( Lusious , creamy, YUM! )

Baklava ( If you have never eaten Baklava before )

Can give a miss

Baklava  (if you know what an authentic Baklava tastes like )

I personally love restaurants which stay humble and rooted to flavours on the plate and give people a fun and memorable experience along with impeccable hospitality, and AQABA is one of those places. Lastly, if you want to feel the gushing Mumbai breeze on your face, head there soon.

Lawn at Aqaba

I think you all have reasons enough now!

Love N Luck

– Abhilash LR