You guys must be wondering whats with me and my constant posts on festivals, especially Diwali. Well, my Durga Puja went utterly sad and for a bong thats a total heartbreak 😀 . So I am trying to cover up for those lost days during Diwali. My college doesnt give us much of holidays you know so there’s not much I can do to celebrate all the festivals lavishly with heavily laden table full of delicacies and sweetmeats. Also, I have a retarded digestive system that does not allow me to gorge on outside food much. The solution? I have to treat myself, always! 😀
But then, is cooking easy? Certainly not for someone who has a 10 to 6 college timings :/ . But greedy that I am, I wanted to treat myself and my friends to something different, that too a sweet dish. And today, I am sharing with you the recipe of that. This is so basic, even a 5 year old can make it 😉 But it tastes awesome! So share the sweetness with your family, friends and guests this festive season.


  1. Sponge Cake (infact any cake will do)
  2. Chocolate Syrup
  3. Fresh tropical fruits, finely chopped (of your choice)
  4. Dry fruits (the only “traditional” ingredient in the list :D)
  5. Condensed Milk or Strawberry Syrup
  6. Fresh Cream or Vanilla ice-cream


  1. Take a flat surface bowl and base it with crumbled cake
  2. Top it up with a layer of chocolate syrup
  3. Now, add another layer of crumbled cake and spread the fruits evenly
  4. Now, spread condensed milk or strawberry syrup on the fruit layer and top it up with dry fruits of your choice
  5. Set it in the fridge for like half and hour
  6. Serve it with a scoop of fresh cream or vanilla ice-cream on top.
“Your dish should look somewhat like this”  Image Source
If you are to be more experimental, add your own layers and don’t forget to tell me! 🙂
And next time you have guests, serve them this. You dont have to be traditional always. A change from the usual is sure to make a lasting impression.
There is just one drawback to this dish though, it has no lingering smell that most freshly cooked traditionla dishes leave behind. So keep your house smelling fresh with the new range of Godrej Aer.
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Love N Luck

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