Recently I’ve come across so many people who call themselves FOODIE just because they stay away from home and have no other option but eat out 😀 I am sure this rings a bell in your mind and pops out the image of that one person who fits this description. Because of this noise around foodies, I thought to list down 5 points which will help you decide if you or your that friend is really a foodie.

  1. You are always ready to eat, even with a bad stomach. Literally! Foodie GIF
  2. You can travel miles just to visit that particular restaurant, which serves the best food in town.Foodie GIF
  3. Whichever restaurant you visit, you are not always stuck with some fried rice or pizza/pasta. You are not a real foodie if you can’t risk trying new cuisines & flavours.Foodie GIF
  4. You don’t just eat out. Whenever possible you also try your hand at cooking, especially masterchef recipes.Foodie GIF
  5. Your conversations aren’t always about the hot girl/boy in your neighbourhood, but is about the new restaurants in the city.Foodie GIF
  6. BONUS – You always click pictures of your food before digging in.Foodie GIF

If the answer to these points is YES, then BADHAI HO! AAPKO FOODIE HUA HAI 😀 (Congrats, you are a real foodie)

Foodie GIF

Love N Luck