Just another evening, hanging around in office, sipping coffee and I came across this and broke into a laughter bomb 😀  I bet you will too.

A genius programmer has created the most epic troll. If you go on these coordinates 33°30’52.5″N 73°03’33.2″E on google maps, what do you expect to see ? Some place on some corner of this planet right?  NO! this is what you see. A android bot peeing over the fallen apple 😀

Apple-vs-Android troll

Don’t believe?  See for yourself here

The never ending debate of Android vs Apple is just about to heat up and we are going to sit back and enjoy all the action 😀 I can imagine apple loyalists go like ……

Apple-vs-Android troll

Update – Sadly, you can not see it live anymore. Google has fixed it!