Fat Chicks Music Video

Body shaming, in general, has been a topic spoken about in abundance by every other person. But this video nails everything you need to know about ’em fat ladies!

You may not have heard of Trisha Paytas, popularly known as Trish, but she is one lady who is taking the topic of body shaming to another level! There have been a lot of blogs and videos and stories revolving around the topic, trying to make the world realise how one’s body does not and should not determine her complete life. She, however, has taken the whole topic to another level by releasing her fat chicks music video earlier this month.

While the fat chicks music video throws light on almost all aspects of bullying that a fat lady goes through, keeping everything aside, the best part of it is one can take a lot, and I mean A LOT of style inspiration from it. From fitted bodycon dresses to bandage crop tops to frilly cute dresses to crazy hairstyles to even bikinis, she is an inspiration to all the ladies who think having a big body shuns you from dressing yourself the way you want!

Love N Luck