In my opinion – Don’t watch if you are a JAMES BOND fan.

“Bond… James Bond”, the name is enough to get one excited but after watching Spectre, it has turned into a disappointment. Of all the Bond films, Daniel Craig’s Spectre passes the boredom test.

Here’s Spectre review, all that you need to know –

Bond has lost his mojo

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Daniel Craig is undoubtedly good looking and fits the role of an assassin but James Bond is no assassin though he has a ‘License to kill’. Bond movies have always been more about charisma, style, intelligence, way with words and beautiful women. Director Sam Mendes’ story for Spectre involved emotions and that is one territory which is unknown to Mr. Craig. If rumours are to be believed, this will be his last Bond Film and I cannot be more happy if it turns out to be true.

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Daniel Craig has a fixed expression on his face throughout the movie, it doesn’t change even for a second. What happened to the classic Bond smirk, the emotional strength, the intelligent quests and the witty replies? All that both his predecessors Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery displayed.

Story is very predictable


“An agent is on a secret mission, during which he becomes vulnerable to be questioned by British agencies. Hence he is grounded for an indefinite period. But the agent does not comply to the rules and goes out of his way to find out the truth”. 

Doesn’t it sound like a Bollywood script? That’s pretty much what spectre revolves around.

Where is the Bond girl?

spectre-review- Lea Seydoux

The chemistry between Bond and his lady is always one of the key highlights of all films belonging to this franchise. Lea Seydoux, to a great extent, does not qualify as a Bond girl in Spectre.


P.S : Monica Belluci’s cameo is the best part as far as the oomph factor of the movie is concerned. Age has not done much harm to her as the seducing walk to the pool in this movie covers up for Lea Seydoux.

Average performance from Actors

Ralph Fieness and Christopher Waltz both delivered a very average performance.


Naomi Harris as Money Penny and Ben Whishaw as Q give the best performances in this chapter of the Bond series. The one liners, the witty come backs and their reactions to situations are all a trade mark of their acting prowess.

Characters lack depth

Ralph Fieness playing the new M, Head of the Secret Intelligence Service, is not shown powerful enough. Judi Dench, played his role with much authority but lacked intensity.


Same goes for the villian Franz Oberhauser, played by Christopher Waltz. A character supreme to all the villains of bond stories could not instil fear of any kind in the audience. He was more of a clown than a don.

It’s just too long & slow


Bond films have always been fast paced, but this one moves as slow as if Bond is driving a 3.2 million Aston Martin Prototype at the speed of 40 km/hr. At 2hrs 30 mins it has already won the title of the longest Bond film ever, with the oldest bond girl ever, with the saddest script ever. Period.

Music? Ok!


Adele killed it with ‘Skyfall’ ! Sam Smith tried his best but ‘Writings on the Wall’ fails to leave a long lasting impression. And what’s a Bond film without the classic theme in the background. Ah!

For a Bond movie, this one left me very disappointed.

Neither Shaken, Nor stirred.

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